We offer a wide variety of winter products in addition to our traction products. Just a few examples are listed below. As always call or stop by for our current inventory.

Gloves and Mittens


We offer a wide variety of gloves and mittens. Sizes include infant (mittens only), toddler (mittens only), youth, men’s (gloves and combo) and ladies’ (gloves only). We offer work gloves, leather driving gloves, ski gloves, snowboard gloves, insulated gloves, knit gloves, knit texting gloves,fleece gloves, hunting (camo) gloves.

Snow Apparel: Bibs, Snow Pants, and Thermals

Snow Bib

We offer both snow bibs and insulated pants in sizes from infant all the way to men’s 4XL (up to 2XL for ladies’.) While snow pants are always popular, snow bibs tend to be better for those who are active in the snow such as skiiers and children.

 Winter Assecories: Hats, Facemasks, Goggles, Socks, Headbands, and Gaiters


We are your source for winter hats. We have traditional beanies, more formal hats, hats with and without ears, and knit headbands.

We also offer insulated facemasks, hunting facemasks (orange), junior facemasks with visors, and traditional knit facemasks.

Worried about cold feet? We have a variety of wool socks for sale. Additional we sell junior goggles, adult goggles, over-glasses goggles, and gaiters.

Winter Boots

snow stomper

Our most popular boot is our entry level snow jogger, available in toddler, youth, men’s, and ladies’ sizes. Additionally, we also have premium snow joggers, snow stompers (youth sizes), fashion boots (girls’ and ladies’), and snow boots.

Shovels, Pushers, and Ice Scrapers


We have a number of steel, aluminum, and plastic snow shovels. Additionally, we also sell numerous ice scrapers (ranging from a 9 inch ice scraper to a 54 inch extendable snowbrush), washers, and squeegees.

Snow Toys


We carry everything you could need for some fun in the snow. From plastic sleds and disks to inflatables, we have it all. We even carry snowball makers and snowboards.