Below are some of the chain types we offer. In addition to these, we also build custom chains for loaders, graders, tractors, and snowblowers. V-bars (also known as ice breakers) and cam-locks are available as well. Looking for a specialized chain or a hard-to-find size? Give us a call.

Arctic Track


Installing hoop chain such as Arctic Track is fairly easy, making these a very popular choice for passenger vehicles.  The chain is color-coded and the box includes a plastic mat with easy-to-read instructions. No adjusters are required, and the vehicle need not be moved for installation.

Arctic Track outlast ladder style cables and chain, because they are made of the highest quality steal and alloy. Additionally, the diamond pattern of the chain makes for a smoother ride with improved traction since the chain is always between the tire and the road.

Premium Z Cables


Premium Z Cables are easier to install than ladder style cables. They have a break in the middle, allowing for installation without moving the vehicle. Premium Z cables have an improved clasp versus the Super Z, do not require an adjuster, and have a hook to secure the extra cable, a desirable feature to those with speciality rims. These seem to be the preferred choice for CHP and Police Departments.

Premium Z cables are also made out of a tougher material than the Super Z cables. The Z-pattern of the cable on the tire makes for a smoother ride with improved traction over more traditional ladder style cables.

Super Z Cables and Low Clearance Z Cables


Like their premium counterpart, Super Z cables are easier to use than ladder style cables as the split outside cable allows for easy installation without moving the vehicle. However, unlike Premium Z’s, Super Z cables require an adjuster (included).

If your vehicle requires a low clearance chain, we also offer the Super Z6 and Super Z8 cables. Low clearance Z cables are made for cars with VERY little clearance for cable or chain. (We often judge by seeing if our hand can fit between the rim of the vehicle and the tire.) These cables require only 6 mm of clearance for cars and 8 mm of clearance for light trucks. Like all the Z cables, they can be put on without moving the vehicle.

Like Premium Z cables, the Z-pattern of the Super Z  makes for a smoother ride with improved traction over more traditional ladder style cables.

Ladder Style Cables


Ladder cables are the cheapest option we offer. They are great if you are only going to the snow once, don’t think you’ll need them, or want something cheap. Ladder style cables have a rougher ride because you drive over them repeatedly as the tire rolls. They are also slightly more difficult to use as installation requires driving the vehicle over them, which for rear wheel drive vehicles means backing over them. However, they do not require adjusters.

Ladder Style Chains (Link Chain)


Chain provides superior traction over cables. If you are going off-roading, hunting, have a tire with especially aggressive tread that could damage cables, or need to get through mud, these are what we recommend. However, chains are significantly heavier than cables, making them difficult to install. They also require adjusters. As with the ladder style cables, they provide a rougher ride since the tire goes on and off them as you drive.

In addition to passenger cars and trucks, we sell chains for commercial vehicles such as big rigs, loaders, and snow blowers. Contact us for more information.

Shoe Chain

In addition to snow chain for your vehicle, we also offer chains for your shoes. Available in sizes small to XX-large. Come in or call to find out more.